Larry Downs began installing above ground pools in 1990. It didn’t take long to realize that there must be a better way to set up the wall. He repurposed materials found in his barn and created his first wall cart out of wood in 1991. Making slight modifications over the next 25 years, he finally arrived at the current model and decided it was too useful not to share. He has installed hundreds of above ground swimming pool walls all by himself thanks to the innovation of the Pool Wall Installation Cart.

Installing the wall on an above-ground swimming pool is often one of the most challenging steps of pool installation and generally requires at least three people. The Pool Wall Installation Cart makes it easily done by one person. The cart keeps the wall from kinking as it is put up, and practically ensures an un-bent wall.

The turntable holds the wall solidly in place throughout installation. The strategically positioned rollers cause the wall to roll off smoothly without damaging it in the process of installation.

Watch the video below to see the POOLWIC in action as a pool wall goes up in 7 minutes!

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